Bacofoil Turkey Roasting Foil

Bacofoil Turkey Roasting Foil

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Product description

Baco Foil Turkey Roasting Foil

I'm great for... roasting, wrapping and freezing!

Wrap lightly around food to allow hot air to circulate freely...
Open the foil wrapping for the last 20 minutes to allow for that perfect browning touch!
When freezing, wrap food tightly inside me to keep air out and prevent freezer burns.


Baco Foil Turkey Roasting Foil

Allergy information

Baco Foil Turkey Roasting Foil


Do not allow the foil to come into direct contact with a naked flame or electrical heating elements.
Always consult the manufacturer's handbook before using the foil in a microwave oven.

Be careful of the sharp cutting edge

Nutritional information

Baco Foil Turkey Roasting Foil


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