Black Sheep Riggwelter 500ml

Black Sheep Riggwelter 500ml

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Black Sheep Riggwelter - strong, dark Yorkshire ale

You asked for a strong ale, we gave you Riggwelter, a powerhouse of a beer.

Much thought went into the creation of our flagship ‘strong’ ale. To create something with real strength and depth we developed a unique recipe featuring rich espresso aromas, dark fruit and roasted malt flavours. 

5.7% ABV

  • Taste: Dry palate with a complex mixture of hops, fruit and roasted malt with a dry refreshing finish.
    This strong, velvety, ruby brown beer really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is deceptively clean drinking, with a wonderfully complex palate of coffee, bananas and liquorice which rewards you with a long refreshing Goldings hop finish.
  • Smell: Roasted malt, hops and banana-fruit.
  • Food Matching: The pale chocolate malts and inherent strength of Riggwelter means it stands up to any strongly flavoured rich red meat or strong cheese. At the same time, the rich espresso and chocolate flavours combined with strong fruitiness makes Riggwelter the perfect accompaniment to decadent deserts such as dark chocolate torte.
    Riggwelter is also the best beer to soak fruit in to make a deliciously rich fruitcake….or on a cold winter's day, why not add tot of rum to a Riggwelter. Our founder Paul calls this tipple a ‘Rigg and Rum or ‘Rigged Rum’ - guaranteed to put the colour back in your cheeks!

Riggwelter Ale takes its name from a local Yorkshire Dales farming term which has Norse roots; “rygg” meaning back, and “velte” meaning to overturn. A sheep is said to be rigged or ‘riggwelted’ when it has rolled onto its back and is unable to get back up without assistance.

What better name for a strong beer from the Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire? 



Black Sheep Riggwelter - strong, dark Yorkshire ale

We use a base of Maris Otter malted barley, but add plenty of crystal malt, specifically a Pale Chocolate Malt. This very dark roasted malt gives the beer its rich dark colour, its espresso nose and roasted malt flavours.

We use a touch of wheat which helps deliver the lovely creamy head and lacing down the glass - just what you would expect from a proper Yorkshire beer!

Allergy information

Black Sheep Riggwelter - strong, dark Yorkshire ale

Contains: malted barley, wheat.

Nutritional information

Black Sheep Riggwelter - strong, dark Yorkshire ale

There is no nutritional information available at the moment.


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