Dettol Liquid Antiseptic 500ml

Dettol Liquid Antiseptic 500ml

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Dettol Liquid Antiseptic

For first aid, medical & personal hygiene uses.

Dettol Liquid is a concentrated antiseptic solution for antiseptic cleaning of minor cutaneous wounds caused by cuts, bites, grazes and insect stings. It can also be used for personal hygiene. Dettol Liquid contains Chloroxylenol (4.8%). It kills bacteria and provides protection against germs which can cause infection and illness. 

Do not use undiluted.  

For wound cleansing: Wash affected area with large spoonful (12.5ml) of liquid diluted to a half pint (1/4 litre) of water. Cover with dry gauze of lint.  

Dandruff: 1 tablespoonful to 1 pint of warm water. Pour over scalp leave for 10 minutes before shampooing.


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