Guinness Golden Ale 500ml

Guinness Golden Ale 500ml

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Guinness Golden Ale

We've mastered the art of brewing black beer, but we've also got a lighter side. Within the distinctive golden hue of this ale lies some of our liveliest flavours. Delicate hops. Subtle biscuit. Slight sweetness. A refreshing bite yields to a dry finish, making for an enjoyable drink. Guinness Golden Ale: a premium beer worthy of the Guinness name.

4.5% ABV

  • Smell: Pleasant hop aroma with malt notes breaking through
  • Taste: Malty, biscuit, delicate hops, slight sweetness
  • Sight: Rich deep yellow-gold colour
  • Palate: Slight mouth drying, a refreshingly clean finish with little to no linger


Guinness Golden Ale

Hops: Celia.

Contains: barley.

Allergy information

Guinness Golden Ale

Contains: barley.

Nutritional information

Guinness Golden Ale

There is no nutritional information available at the moment.


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