Dylon White 'n' Bright 7pk

Dylon White 'n' Bright 7pk

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White 'N' Bright

Inspired Colour Catcher®. Exclusive Double Action White-Tex System™

1 Brighter Whites
Powerful whitening agents (with optical whiteners) get to the heart of the fabric while being gentle on fibres.
2 Prevents Greying
With its unique formula the sheet neutralises grime and dirt particles from the wash water before they deposit back onto the fabric.
The proof is on the Sheet!®, the proof is on your Garments!™

  • White-tex system™
  • Double action - brighter whites, prevents greying wash after wash
  • Next generation whitener = everyday gentle care
  • Revives your whites, gentle to fabrics!
  • For brilliant whites, even at low temperatures!
  • For best results, use it in every wash

Did you know?
Greying of whites happens in every wash due to limescale, grime and dirt particles. These particles gradually build up on fibres, forming a layer of grey. This is causing white fabrics to lose their brightness wash after wash.
Without white fabrics become grey and dull over time...

With white is bright & no more grey!


The product contains amongst other ingredients: Optical Brighteners, Preservatives (Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone) Perfumes Butylphenyl Methylpropional Coumarin Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde Linalool


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