Flash Magic Eraser (1 sponge)

Flash Magic Eraser (1 sponge)

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Try Flash Magic Eraser and tackle the tough stains you've given up on, all around the house. It removes stains, marks and scuffs from most washable surfaces. Great for your tough cleaning jobs and messes! 

Try it wherever you find tough dirt, throughout the house: from crayon on walls to burnt-on grease on the cooker top, from grimy bathtubs to grout lines between the tiles! Just add water, squeeze, and clean off the tough stains like Magic.

  • Looks like a sponge, cleans like magic
  • Magic Eraser removes stains and scuffs on all washable surfaces
  • Just wet with water, squeeze and start erasing
  • Use them all around the house
  • No need to add other cleaning products
Preparation and Usage

How to use Flash Magic Eraser:
Just wet, squeeze, and erase! First, wet the pad with water then squeeze out. Gently rub the Magic Eraser on surface to remove tough dirt and grime. Once the dirt is removed, rinse the eraser with water to remove excess soil from pad. Throw away after multiple uses.

Where to use Magic Eraser:
The Magic Eraser works best on hard surfaces like walls, countertops, tabletops, floors, doors, baseboards, and appliances. It works on a variety of soils all around the house, like soap scum in your tub, splatter stains in your microwave, burnt-on grease on your cooker top, and more. Just remember to first test a small area with light pressure before use. It is not recommended to use on the following surfaces: High gloss, polished dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel, non-stick coating or vehicle body.

For how long to use Flash Magic Eraser:
One eraser normally lasts for a couple of jobs, but it won’t last forever! For best results, replace the eraser when it starts to look tatty, tired and grey.


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