Cereal & Bars

There's nothing like a good breakfast in the morning to start the day! Whether you enjoy a hearty bowl of Quaker Porridge or a large helping of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut, here at Kellys we've got you covered!

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At Kelly's we only have the best of British cereal brands! From healthy Quaker Oats, Dorset Muesli and Alpen, to Nestle Nesquik cereal, Weetabix Chocolate Minis and everyone's favourite: Shreddies! We even have a couple of Gluten Free cornflake options for our customers who follow a gluten free diet. 

With cereal, also come cereal bars! Nature Valley Crunchy bars and Rice Krispies Squares are perfect for on the go or as a treat in your lunchbox.