About us

Welcome to Kelly's Expat Shopping

Kellys Expat Shopping is The Netherlands number one shop for British and American products. Our first store opened in The Hague in 2008, our Wassenaar location followed in 2012 and our Franchise Amsterdam store opened its doors in our busiest time of the year in December 2018.

We've been the home supplier to the expat community and all other British- and American product lovers for over ten years. Offering well known British brands and products like Cadbury, McVities, Weetabix, Branston, Heinz, scones and clotted cream for a delicious High Tea, Richmond sausages and bacon for a traditional cooked breakfast and of course turkey, stuffings, and all the trimmings you need for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

American brands such as Kraft, Wishbone, A&W, Reese’s, Cheetos, and a range of popular American cereals and snacks are part of the basic assortment in all of our stores and in our online webshop., where we now offer international shipping within Europe.

If you'd like any further information or have any questions, please contact us.