Cadbury Bars – A Great Chocolate Selection

Founded in 1824, John Cadbury made the first step in building his legendary empire and opened his first shop! Fast-forward 20 years and he was selling a wide variety of different bars of both drinking chocolate and solid bars. Jump ahead another 100 years and the Cadbury name now holds a precious place in the heart of all Brits.

Whether you love the light and bubbly Wispa bar, enjoy the honey-comb crunch of a Crunchie or always go for the traditional Dairy Milk Bar – there is a constant argument over which is better and why.

So I’ve put together a small countdown to ultimately decide. Which is the best and (perhaps more importantly) why?


The delicious Curly Wurly. A thin, squiggly chocolate bar with a chewy caramel centre. But why is this so low on the list? Simply put – there isn’t more of it! Yes you can get the Curly Wurly Squirlies (Try saying that three times fast) in a 110g bag but having always been a fan of bigger chocolate bars – it’s staying at number 10.


A milk chocolate bar with crispy cereal, peanut pieces and dried grapes held together inside with tasty caramel. Ever wanted a chocolate bar with a little more oomph? Look no further as this is delicious bar.


Like the iconic Double Decker buses… this chocolate bar is its own icon. A cornflake-like bottom, a nougat top and all wrapped together with delicious milk chocolate. Enough said.


Is it a bird… is it a plane… is it a star(bar)? Yes. Yes it is. Similar to the Picnic bar, it is stuffed with crunchy peanuts and gooey caramel and it makes the perfect balance of nuttiness and chocolate!


Flaky, crumbly, delectable Flake bar. Layered chocolate held together by (I’m assuming) magic? It’s a super guarded secret by Cadbury, which makes the Flake the crumbliest chocolate bar possible! Delicious as it is, sprinkled on top of cake or put on top of ice cream – it’s your flake. Your way.


Twirl is like Flakes counter-part. Spiralling, swirly, swishy ribbons on the inside and a rich coat of chocolate on the outside holding it all together. It’s a tasty bar, which simply melts in your mouth and has earned its spot at number five.


Coming in in fourth place is a mouth-watering treat. A little boost to the classic bar, it’s a gooey version to have when you want a little extra zing to your standard chocolate choice!


Now entering the top three. Coming in third place is the deliciously sweet honeycomb toffee chocolate bar – the Crunchie. You can pick up the standard bar, a four pack to share or visit our shop and come and grab the ice cream version! The same great taste with a cool creamy centre perfect for summer! There is even a Crunchie spread! With this many versions, it has got to be good.


Placing a respectable second is… (Drum roll please!) The WISPA! Who thought that putting tiny air bubbles into a chocolate bar would make it so much better? Cadbury. That’s who. It’s available to pick up from store as a stand-alone bar, in a pack of 4, a delicious hot chocolate, a bag of delicious Bitsa Wispa bites or in a Gold Caramel version. So much choice…so little time. It has everything to offer whilst always keeping the light, bubbly texture and amazing taste.


The best of the best. The crème de la crème. The original, the timeless, the ageless -the Cadbury Dairy Milk. Perhaps the bar that kick-started the beautiful brand we know and love today. This chocolate covers the Crunchie, helps create the bubbles in Wispa and stops the caramel leaking out in the Curly Wurly. This is the ‘umbrella’ chocolate which keeps all the other bars going. How could it place anywhere else?

Available with various additions – caramel (which earned its own spot!), crunchie pieces, fruit and nut or the marvellous creations variation! It even paired up with Daim to create a delicious bar with an extra snap! It simply couldn’t not be number one.

Perhaps you don’t agree? Are you wondering where the Chomp is? The toffee Éclairs? The wonderful Fudge? Let me know which is your favourite!

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