Egg-cellent Eggs for a Cracking Easter!

Egg-cellent Eggs for a Cracking Easter! 

It’s another holiday here at Kelly’s Expat Shopping and we are getting ready just like all of you. We almost completely sold out of our first batch of Easter goods within two weeks and we were worried they would be completely gone until next year. Over 500 Creme Eggs were sold and we were waiting on more to arrive…

Well, they’re back! And we have Easter Eggs galore! So, we are here to give a brief history on Easter Eggs and Bunnies, a quick recipe on how to make a delicious chocolate ‘nest’ and much more…

So what is the importance of the egg? And where do bunnies join the party?

Historically, Easter has been associated with Christianity and the resurrection of Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus died on a day now known as Good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday. Although, it is not one fixed date each year, but always lands between March and April.

However, before the Christian holiday, the Easter holiday also had roots in a pagan festival, which was to celebrate the coming of spring, which meant brand new life!

As the two celebrations overlapped over time, many pagan customs became part of the Christian holiday, as symbols of life, with eggs being one of the main icons. They were decorated with paints and various patterns and would be eaten on Easter Sunday as a treat.

But, where do the rabbits come into this?

Well the rabbit was a symbol of the pagan goddess Eostra, in Germany, who is a sign of the coming spring and new life, so rabbits act as a link to fertility. Additionally, according to folklore in Germany, the Osterhase ( which translates to: Easter hare) supposedly laid eggs for good children! This story has since spread across the world and seemingly connects to the Easter bunny we know and love.

The Easter Bunny is supposed to lay, decorate and hide eggs all over for people to find – which may be why Easter Egg hunts are so popular to this day.

It also acts as a fun way to keep the kids entertained!

Simply pop smaller chocolate eggs all around your garden or home with little clues to the next one… Play the hot or cold game as they get closer or further away from the eggs… Until, finally, they find where the main one is hidden!

(Just remember not to eat it all in one go – nobody wants to feel queasy from too much chocolate after a fun day egg hunting!)

Where does the chocolate tie in?

At this point we have covered the importance of both eggs and bunnies– but where did chocolate come into this?

Well, commercialisation grew as advertisement became more wide spread than ever before. This is furthered by the fact it wasn’t just advertisements in shop windows or on the street, but in everyone’s homes! Radios, televisions, posters and more became the norm, and naturally this holiday was promoted to boost profits for businesses.

With eggs and rabbits already being heavily associated with springtime, it saw companies launching promotions with adorable, fluffy bunnies and beautifully decorated, colourful eggs on them. During the 19th century, this also saw confectionary companies creating chocolate eggs to sell. Chocolate was typically considered to be quite bitter during this time, but became sweeter (and therefore super popular!).

This all lead to confectioners creating the Eggs and Bunnies we buy today!

Our Top 3 Easter Eggs here at Kelly’s

Before we even start – we want to give honourable mentions to both Mini Eggs & Creme Eggs – because Easter wouldn’t be Easter without either of them, in our opinion. The delectable fondant centre or the crunch of a mini egg is simply unbeatable to us!

But without further ado:

3) Terry’s Chocolate Orange with Exploding Candy - crazily popular and it’s not difficult to see why. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is known for being whackable, but this Easter egg will only need a tap! 

2) Thornton’s bunny – this scrumptiously charming little bunny is wonderfully rich – whether you get the white chocolate or milk chocolate version, this tasty rabbit has hopped into many people’s baskets this Easter.

1) Any. Cadbury’s. Easter. Egg!

We can’t pick one. We wish we could. But how do you choose between such sweet, scrumptious, classic Cadburys? If any had a teeny tiny edge, it might be the Giant Creme Egg! It has sold faster than we can stock it and it’s not difficult to understand why… With one giant Easter egg to enjoy and the mini Creme eggs on the side – it’s a chocolate palooza we love to enjoy and don’t like to share!

Whether it’s Twirl, Oreo, Wispa, Malteser, Galaxy or one we have missed! You simply can’t lose. So what are your thoughts? Which Easter Tradition do you love? And which Easter Egg will you be buying this spring?

Let us know in the comments below!


Bonus content! 

Fun recipe for the family!

So a fun, easy thing to do with the family is to make Easter Chocolate Egg nests with all Kelly’s products.

What you’ll need:

A 200g Dairy Milk Bar
Rice Krispies
A bag of Mini Eggs
Bun case

1) Simply melt the chocolate until it is liquid and smooth.
2) Pour into a bowl with Rice Krispies and mix together.
3) Spoon this Cadbury, Krispie mix into your bun cases.
4) Before allowing the chocolate to set, nestle two or three Mini eggs on top to make a little nest.
5)Pop them into the fridge to set.

Repeat until you have as many, or as few, Chocolate egg nests as you want! 

It’s a quick and easy recipe, which results in a colourful, flavourful, chocolatey treat to enjoy with the whole family!

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