Fun Food Facts!

You read that title right. Today we will be tantalising your tastebuds and tickling your brain with fun and unusual facts about your favourite foods. I've scoured the web, searched for food facts and present to you the best of what I've found with products we sell here at Kelly's Expat Shopping. 

It's a little list just to add a little more knowledge to our brains and give you an interesting fact to pull out at parties (depending on what kind of parties you attend). Regardless - here it is! 5 Fun Facts about your favourit Foods! 

1) The filling of Kit-Kats is... Kit-Kats! 

This is the big secret behind Kit-Kats. Ok, admittedly, secret might be over-stating this well-known fact! The inside of Kit-Kat's is not some mystery crumbly biscuit greatness. A BBC documentary in 2015 revealed to the world that that scrumptious inside is in fact made up from broken up Kit-Kats. The ones who weren't perfectly smooth milk chocolate, the ones who didn't snap perfectly but had the great taste, the ones who just broke in the factory. There is a whole load of Kit-Kats whose purpose is to be ground up and made into the creamy chocolate-filled filling you know and love. 

Who came first - The Kit-Kat or the filling? Is a Kit-Kat considered one Kit-Kat or like twenty Kit-Kats? 

When you need a break - you grab a Kit-Kat! When you need a fun fact - you grab this... fact! 

2) A dentist created Candy Floss! 

Well.. kind of. There are disagreements across history, with some saying it was in Italy as far back as the 15th century. However, we can say with confidence the machine spun type was in 1897 by an unlikely partnership between a dentist and a confectioner. William Morrison and John C Wharton started selling 'Fairy Floss' and sold almost 70,000 boxes of the sweetness. 

The wonderfully sugary colour candy floss was an instant hit with competitors popping up to get in on the action. Across the waves in American in 1921, was yet another dentist who put in for the patent of  'Cotton Candy', which eventually took over from 'Fairy floss' in popularity. (Although you ask many different people and you'll get a different name each time!). 

So next time you have a copious amount of candy floss and need to see your dentist - you can blame them! 

3) The first food eaten in space was.... Pureed Meat

Technically not applesauce like everyone thinks!

So this was an interesting one as scientists had to come up with something that wouldn't crumble, wouldn't explode, long lasting and easy to prepare. So in 1961, the very first person to eat a meal in space was a Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Enjoying pureed meat out of a squeezable tube. Doesn't sound the most appetising, but don't worry - because he enjoyed a tube of chocolate sauce immediately afterwards! 

The first American to eat in space didn't fair much better and enjoyed pureed meat and some applesauce. (Hence why everyone thinks applesauce is the first thing!) The debate over food continued for years. With one astronaut, Gus Grissom, being so upset that his fellow astronaut smuggled a corned beef sandwich onboard. This fun didn't last long though, with rye bread floating through the air, it was seen as hazardous to the mission and Congress actually followed up with an investigation regarding the beef sandwich as they saw it as a threat! 

Bonus Space Fact: The first fizzy drink in space? Good old Coca-Cola! 

4) All Walkers Crisps from Britain go out of date on a Saturday!

From Walker's frequently asked questions page, they say it themselves: "It’s absolutely true! Our production week starts on a Sunday, with everything made that week having the same Best Before date. So when our recommended 12 week shelf life is up, the end date will therefore land on (you guessed it) – Saturday." 

Next time your in store - grab a bag, look up the date and see for yourself!

5) Cadbury's make 500 million Creme Eggs per year. 

And if you stacked them all on top of each other, they'd be ten times taller than Mount Everest (and probably more fun to climb!). There are different ways to eat your Creme Egg, with a survey by YouGOV saying 34% eat them in several bites, 28% bite off the top, lick out the middle and then munch the rest and 5% saying they eat the whole thing in one go! A whopping 19% say they have never tried one. If this includes you dear reader,  we highly suggest coming back to Kelly's Expat Shopping for Easter and trying one out! 

Bonus fact: Cadbury's have trademarked their colour Purple! 

So that's that! 

Five fun facts to pull out at parties with a couple bonuses sprinkled in. Whether you know Froot Loops are all the same flavour, banana peels can (supposedly) help with mosquito bite itchiness or that chocolate chip cookies were created by accident! Here are another few to entertain and amuse! 


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