Getting you through those January Blues & Dry January!

January has hit!

All the excitement is over... In the run-up to Christmas, even if the air is cold and the weather is gloomy, there is definitely a buzz in the air. Little ones can't wait for Santa Claus and all the grown-ups are simply counting down to a guaranteed day off. Then, the week between Christmas and New Year rolls around... time means nothing, you're full up on turkey sandwiches and the fridge is fully stocked with leftovers, chocolate and booze. Now we are left facing the longest month of the year (emotionally at least) and we are all just battling to make it to Spring! 

But here at Kelly's we see it differently - We're on board with a New Year, a new us! Whether you've made a resolution you're definitely going to stick to, taking up the challenge of Dry January in an effort to detox after a boozy holiday! So join us and march forward into 2024, with a positive outlook and a clean slate for the best year. So come to Kelly's and let us provide your favourites... 

Are you taking part in Dry January? 

Dry January is when you give up drinking alcohol for the month of January. From the 1st to the 31st you don't touch a drop!

After Christmas, we've all over-indulged a little bit and this is a chance for our bodies to reset. Though you can have a fun night out, enjoy the odd tipple or two - drinking too much can lead to health risks. Which is why in 2014 the UK launched 'Dry January' (although the original idea is from way back in 1942, when the Finnish government launched a campaign called “Sober January”). 

Alcohol can effect every part of your body - with immediate effects on your brain making your reactions slower, impairing memory and slurring your speech. Drinking too much can also cause inflammation of the stomach lining and painful stomach ulcers. Not to mention the extra work your liver has to do to break alcohol down so your body can process it fully; which if you abuse it too much can lead to hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and cirrhosis and liver cancer.

So Dry January is a useful healthy campaign, which is growing in popularity every year, and it's one to help cleanse your body and give it a break from alcohol. 

Other boosts? A study published by the Royal Free Hospital found that giving up alcohol for the month reduces diabetes risk, and reduces levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood.

  • 86% of participants saved money.
  • 71% of participants had better sleep and 66% had more energy.
  • 65% of participants improved their health.
  • 58% lost weight.
(Source: Foreign Tongues, Where did Dry January Come From?)

There is even a Dry January App to track your progress and see the health benefits with each day. 

So how can we help? 

Well, Kelly's, as always, is open for you!

We only close our store 5 days of the year: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Second of January and King's Day. And there is something comforting in the regularity of visiting your favourite supermarket to stock up on some home comforts! So we've asked the staff and customers for their recommendations of getting through the January Blues, or as one customer stated 'it's the month of perpetual Mondays!'. 


First Up: Branston Pickle 

You read that right! The first thing recommended to get through the month is Branston Pickle. Why? "Because after a month of sweets and chocolates, it's nice to have something savoury." - Kelly's crew member. 

It goes great with a sandwich, or just on crackers. It's perfect when you want an easy evening dinner of cheese and crackers - with a side of coleslaw, a selection of cheddar and topped perfectly with the chunky or original Branston Pickle. You can also use it in place of chutney - with a great balance of sweetness, tanginess and spiciness and therefore a very versatile item to have in your cupboards! 

Highly recommend picking up some Cathedral City Cheddar to pair with it too! Go on... whilst you're in store, you might as well...


Second Recommendation: Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Someone taking the opposite approach of you can't have enough chocolate:

"Yes, yes! Christmas is chocolate heavy, and you eat it for breakfast most the month. But for me to get through January I need chocolate. And a hot chocolate feels like cheating. It's just great chocolate but in liquid form! Sometimes better than a cup of tea!" - J. (Kelly's Utrecht Customer).

This final comment promptly set off a debate with hot chocolate versus a cup of tea being more comforting during the cold winter months, with it being an equal tie between all present. So we'll let you decide in comments - a steaming mug of hot chocolate, with whipped cream and mini marshmallows sprinkled on top or a freshly made cup of tea with just a splash of milk in your favourite mug?

We say - why not both? Fully stock up on Cadbury's, Galaxy or Malteser's Hot Chocolate or come in for Typhoo, Tetley's, Taylor's or PG Tips! You can have one in the morning, one in the afternoon! Or go totally rogue and choose Horlicks. A malty brew that'll get you through the long, cold month. 


Third & Final: Heinz Soup 

"Is soup an easy meal? Yes. Is it delicious? Yes. Does it offer variety? Yes. It's the best meal for January when it's [flipping] freezing." L - (Kelly's Rotterdam Customer}

We can't argue with the logic. A warm bowl of soup to warm through from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. With brand new Heinz Chicken Noodle soup now in stock too - you can enjoy the cosiness a hot bowl of soup brings to those bitterly cold nights. 

So check out the full selection of goodies here at Kelly's Expat Shopping and get through this arctic blast that's hitting the Netherlands with the best comfort food around. It may feel like the longest month of the year, but there's no reason it can't be the best! 

Let us know in the comments below - if you're getting ready for Burn's Night, taking part in Dry January or just want to let us know your favourite food.

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