Here is to a Cracking Easter!

Easter is coming, so hop to it and enjoy! 

We're just going to dive in to all the eggs we have here at Kelly's, some fun Easter snacks & games you can enjoy with your little ones, and the perfect roast to serve on Easter Sunday. Whether you need an egg for everyone in the family, are gifting one to your best friend, or you're just a chocaholic who is obsessed with Easter treats. We're fully stocked with the best of the best, so you can keep the Easter celebrations going. Plus, get ready for some Easter puns. We have so many... it's not even bunny.  

The Ever Important Eggs

You want to know the selection? No problem. We're so egg-cited and just can't hide it. 

As always, we've got Nestle, Cadbury's, Terry's and more. We'll start with the most popular Cadbury's Egg across all five of our stores, and the first ones to sell out on our webshop. Plus, we've got a couple new eggs to add to the selection this year. 

The Top Sellers for Cadbury's:

1) Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble Egg:

It's a creamy, marbled Cadbury Dairy Milk & Cadbury White Chocolate Easter egg swirled into one magnificent creation. With individually wrapped chunks inside to share with others too. It's one of the larger eggs in the selection but perfect for those who love milk and white chocolate in one. It's new to the selection this year and moving fast. 
2) Cadbury Mini Eggs Thoughtful Gesture Egg
Another on the larger side, this Cadbury Mini Eggs Egg is exactly the thoughtful gesture you need this Easter. Let the special someone in your life know that you care during the springtime celebrations . Contains one large egg and a bag of Mini Eggs. So you can enjoy the luscious Cadbury chocolate on it's own, or in the iconic shell.
It's back again this year, and we think it's better than ever. The Cadbury Creme Egg... Egg. Grab them whilst you can this Easter. It's deliciously sweet Cadbury's chocolate with a creme egg nestled inside too. You can have the chocolate egg and the sweet gooey goodness of the classic Creme Egg too. The most popular on the shelves - this size is selling out fast. It's a tough race between Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Mini Eggs too. 
We think it's time to shell out, for some Easter Chocolate. 
Not quite feeling the larger eggs? Don't worry, be hoppy. We've got the smaller Cadbury eggs too with a whole variety of fun: Freddo Faces, Mini Eggs Egg, White Buttons Egg, Buttons Egg, and Caramel Nibbles Egg. They're ideal for those who love Easter but feel it can be a bit too much chocolate. These little ones all have a little extra chocolate nestled inside the egg itself. 
What is new to the Selection? 
We've branched out and added some new ones to the selection too.
This is the biggest egg in the whole store, and new to the usual Easter order. It has a ginormous caramel flavoured shell with real cookie piece inclusions nestled in the chocolate! Even better? It doesn't stop there, with 2 x KitKat Chunky Caramel Bars and 1 x Bag of KITKAT Cookie Dough Mini Eggs inside too. This is for the Kit Kat obsessed person in your life (even better if that person is you). 
Another newbie to the shelves, indulge in the divine delight of Galaxy Creamy Truffle Minis XL Easter Egg. It's a luxurious treat designed to elevate your Easter celebrations. This egg boasts a rich and velvety smooth Galaxy chocolate shell, generously filled with irresistibly creamy truffle mini eggs.
We tried out the smaller egg last year - it proved so popular we upgraded the size! It's made with Maltesers smooth and creamy chocolate to form an exquisite hollow egg, with a full bag of Maltesers inside, for the crunchy delight you know and love!  
The extra little things...
We could create an endless list of chocolate to entice you into store! We won't explore the Aero Mint Eggs, Mini Galaxy Truffles, Terry's Chocolate Easter Orange (with mini eggs crushed inside), and so much more. Explore the Easter page - you're sure to find the perfect Easter treat for you. 
The Easter Roast
Now, many gather round the entire family on Easter Sunday. Perhaps you've just come back from church, or you're stopping your family just eating chocolate for the entire day. A traditional Sunday roast is not complete without a delicious leg of lamb or turkey crown on Easter. 
We won't go too far into the details but we've got delicious legs of lamb and turkey's in all five of our store freezers, plus we get ham fillets in weekly. Pair with Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings, Paxo Stuffing Mix, Bisto Gravy, McCain's Roasts and all your favourite veggies. We recommend swinging by the store a few days before Easter to get the newest delivery of products! 
Easter Nests Recipe & Game - for little ones and grown ups alike. 

It's a fun, easy recipe for the whole family. If you have little ones you want to entertain on Easter Sunday, or just love the sweet chocolatey treats that are a staple of everyone's childhood. We've got a super easy Easter Chocolate Egg nests with all Kelly’s products.

What you’ll need:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar
  • Kellogg's Rice Krispies
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • Dr Oetker Rainbow bun cases 

    1) Melt the chocolate until it is liquid and smooth. (few seconds in the microwave, or melted gently over hot water) 
    2) Pour the melted chocolate a bowl with Rice Krispies and mix together. 
    3) Spoon this Cadbury, Krispie mix into your Dr Oetker Rainbow bun cases.
    4) Before allowing the chocolate to set, nestle two or three Mini eggs on top to make a little nest.
    5)Pop them into the fridge to set.

The Easter Egg Hunt: 

For this game you need... you guessed it! A little chocolate and imagination.

You can print off some little eggs templates for your tykes to colour in, then hide them all around the house with a clue where to find the next. Or enjoy the Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack and do the same thing! This time they get a little chocolate with each one they find. Make it a competition who can find the most, or use teamwork to make the dream work, with a treasure hunt to their Easter egg!

This is a great way to entertain your kids in the morning and build up to the excitement of finding their Easter egg. 

Hope you have a hoppin’ good Easter! That's all, yolks. 


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