Mr Kipling's Exceedingly Good Cakes!

Mr Kipling’s Exceedingly Superb Cakes – The Countdown

Since 1967 Mr Kipling has become the biggest mass producer of cakes across Great Britain and in our humble opinion – they’ve mastered the art of baking.

So we are going to give you a brief history then get to the good bit, the countdown of the best Mr Kipling cakes. (Of course, they’re all exceedingly good!)

A History

Way back in 1875 Joseph Rank rented a small mill to start selling flour. Ten years later he built a mechanical flourmill in order to mass-produce. From this? Well, he hit the ground running.

Overseeing everything from the production of flour, to the bakeries creating the cakes, to retail outlets reselling his goods. He travelled to America to better understand his competitors; built mills near ports all across Britain and created an empire selling flour all across the country.

This small company with big ideas would evolve into Rank Hovis McDougall, nowadays known as RHM – one of the biggest food sellers in Britain to this day.

This all meant that they could create the Mr Kipling brand in 1967. This was to boost cake sales and promote a new bakery one that meant more baked goods could reach people nationwide. It was an ambitious move in a time where people relied on local bakeries for their cakes.

RHM chose the line ‘exceedingly good cakes’ for promotion, and they have stuck with it through advertisement after advertisement (so you’ll still find it on boxes today!). They created a line that could keep the local bakeries high quality, but reach the masses of products that kept up with the quality of local bakeries, but could reach the masses, with a premium box containing 20 products. There simply couldn’t be a ‘bad’ batch – they had to be the best.

The brand evolved into a market leader and has managed to stay at the top of the game ever since. Although, it may be upsetting to know Mr Kipling himself does not exist, and was simply a name created to market the products and add a familiarity to the adverts.

The packaging kept on changing over the years, but the core idea and cakes have not and at least one cake on our list has stood the test of time and proven to be a favourite again and again. So, lets get into this…

The Mr Kipling Selection

Mr Kipling Bramley Apple Pies - No. 1 best-selling Bakewells across the United Kingdom. The apple version contains real Bramley Apple pieces and a sugary, pastry pie crust topping. The first bite will have you hooked. It’s a timeless taste that pairs perfectly with a well-made cup of tea.

Mr Kipling Bramley Apple & Blackcurrant PiesLook up and you’ll see we mention the Bramley Apple pies. Now think about that product but mixed with delightfully sweet blackcurrants. This wonderful balance of flavour creates a simple pleasure you can enjoy any time. The perfect sweet treat for suppertime.

Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells - Imagine feather-light pastry cases with a harmonious jam frangipane sponge, soft icing and supposedly a hand placed cherry in the centre on top. Whether it is really hand placed or not, we can’t say. But the taste is phenomenal and that’s what’s important! This is the perfect baked treat for sharing with your loved ones.

Mr Kipling Mini Battenberg – Everyone loves a Mini Battenberg! Consider a moist, pink and yellow chequered sponge wrapped in a soft, yet tangy, almond flavoured fondant. Battenberg is wondrously tricky to master making, but super easy to eat. Perfect for a quick mini indulgence.

Mr Kipling Angel Slices – To say these are a little slice of heaven may seem too far for some, but just right for others! A splendid combination of white and pink icing and yellow and pink cake, held together by a thin, yet flavourful layer of cream. This moist cake is the best treat to pop in a packed lunch when you know you’ll need a pick me up during the day. Give it a whirl and see if you’ve found your own little slice of paradise.

Mr Kipling Lemon Slices –So you’ve decided for some reason that the Angel Slices aren’t your thing. Sure they’re sweet, moist slices of deliciousness but you know what they’re missing? That zesty zing of lemon flavour! Lemon Slices have got your back. The great taste of lemon with a creamy centre and spongy bottom!

Mr Kipling French Fancies – The cake to beat all cakes! This has stood the test of time and was one of the first 20 cakes Mr Kipling released. Perfect for your afternoon picnic out in the sun, or to add to your afternoon tea. These little sponge cakes make the perfect finger food. Notoriously difficult to perfect, these small sponge cakes have a small buttercream-like filling at the top and are covered in luscious fondant icing. They are scrumptiously sweet and one not to be missed out on trying. Try one of each colour and let us know if you have a favourite!

Want more Mr Kipling products? Let us know which your favourite is and what you’d like to see join our selection next!


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