Super Bowl Party!

The Super Bowl is coming and here at Kelly's we are excited. Whether our American colleagues are looking forward to seeing their favourite football teams play, or just excited to see Rihanna perform, the fifty-seventh Super Bowl will be one to remember. So let's go a little into it, and how you can get ready here at Kelly's. 

What is the Super Bowl? 

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game for the NFL (National Football League). There are four games preseason, sixteen mid-season and the final competition post season in a one game finale. 

When is it? 

The Super Bowl is in just a couple of weeks! It's Sunday, February 12 at 18:30 Eastern Standard Time. Which works out to be to be 00:30 for those of us watching here in the Netherlands. So get ready for a late night and some midnight snacks. As the halftime show isn't until 02:00 our time!  

Where to watch it?

There are a number of platforms streaming the Super Bowl across America and the world. The easiest one here in the Netherlands is most likely on the UK channel BBC One - where it is shown live all evening. It will also be on Sky Sports' Main Event and NFL channel. There is also the NFL Official App or the Yahoo Sports App which will be streaming the event. 

How long does the game go on for? 

It's a long evening you're in for (or no time at all if you're a mega sports fan!) The entire event usually lasts 3 to 4 hours, including the sports reporters and old players chiming in with analysis before and after the game, and then, of course, the game itself.

A standard NFL game always consists of four 15 minute quarters. After the game’s first two quarters, there is normally a twelve minute break. This is referred to as halftime, however, as it's the Super Bowl and is famous for not only the sport, but the halftime show too - it's normal to be an intermission of 30 minutes or more with a world famous, phenomenal music performance in the middle. 

Who is performing in the 2023 Halftime Show? 

This year, it is the amazing Rihanna performing for the halftime show! Previous years have included Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez - so it's a pretty huge show! 

A Little More on the Super Bowl Itself

The very first Super Bowl was played between the AFL (American Football League) champion Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL (National Football League) champion Green Bay Packers. (Before the two leagues merged in the 1970's!) The Packers would win the game by a score of 35-10, led by Vince Lombardi as coach. 

Which leads on to what the play for... They compete, not only for the title of Super Bowl Champion, but they also get the Vince Lombardi trophy, named after the aforementioned coach, from the winning team of the first two Super Bowls - the Green Bay Packers. Upon his death in 1970, the NFL named the trophy in his honour. 

Alongside this, a player from one of the participating teams is named the most valuable player, the M.V.P. Voted by members of the media and a fan vote - the M.V.P is normally from the winning team however any player is eligible, even from the losing team. This has happened in only once in the past, with Chuck Howley, the linebacker, from the Dallas Cowboys gaining this honour, Despite losing to the Baltimore Colts with a score of 16-13 in 1971. Don't worry though - he also holds the distinction of being a member of the Cowboys' first Super Bowl-winning team (so they went on to win at least once!).

The player voted MVP the most times? He's just come out of retirement - it's Tom Brady. With seven Super Bowl wins under this belt, he's a star player. Playing as quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - he's back! Fun side fact: out of the all the Super Bowls (56 so far), the quarterback has been voted the MVP over 30 times! 

Get ready with us at Kelly's

Here at Kelly's we are full of all your favourite snacks! It's a long night of Super Bowl greatness, so after dinner, when you're ready to settle in make sure you've got all your favourite American snacks. 

Of course, our Reese's Selection is full of all your favourites! From the Original irreplaceable Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - available in both white chocolate and milk. To the Reese's Pieces in a handy theatre box which is perfect for snacking when your eyes are glued to the television. No need to look down with fiddly wrapping paper - with an easy slot you simply open, pour into your hand and voila! Not to mention we have the six packs which are perfect when you've got people coming round who are as obsessed with Reese's as you. Plus, since it's a late night over here in the Netherlands watching the Super Bowl, you might need a little sugar to get you through the evening! Why not check out the full American sweet selection and have a proper party with Nerds, Airheads, Laffy Taffy, Warheads and more! 

And for those with more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one - our Herr's chips selection is unparalleled. Wether you simply adore the Blue Curls version, can handle the heat with the Jalapeno Cheese Curls or step it up a notch and take on the scorching heat from the Carolina Reaper Curls. We've got you covered! With a full Herr's display in each of our stores (and online), you can stock up before the big game. 

Small side update as many people do ask: Unfortunately, Cheetos have been banned across the EU due to the high level of acrylamide, a potential carcinogen within them, we no longer sell them here at Kelly's. 

Lastly of course, drinks! Whether you want a classic Bud Light to enjoy during the game or a soft drink of choice. We've got Warheads, Dr Pepper Cream Soda, Cherry and Zero and a wide selection of all the Fanta flavours - Berry, Strawberry, Pineapple and more all imported from the US and sold as single cans or in twelve packs. 

So get ready to enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday 12th February! Plenty of time to get your favourite snacks, find your cheerleading out and settle in for a fun night! Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl Party, going all out with American flags, or having a quiet one in and enjoying the annual game on your own. 

From everyone here at Kelly's, we hope you enjoy! 



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