Tea-riffic Things To Know!

Tremendous, terrific, trusted...Tea. Tracing back to ancient China and coming across to Europe in the seventeenth century, tea has always been popular.

British and their tea

Rising in popularity, Afternoon Tea became known as something quintessentially British.

Served with jam, scones and clotted cream, it made a delicious afternoon treat to keep you content until dinnertime, as it still does to this day!

If you ask any British person in the world they will, most likely, happily describe how they make the perfect cuppa. They will also provide you with precise instructions on how they like it, which, (if they are anything like me) will often be used as a hint to get you to make one for them.

Whether you add a lot of sugar, just a touch of milk or leave it alone swimming in the water – everyone loves their tea in a specific way. Caffeinated or decaf – the choice is yours.

We offer a wide variety including: PG Tips, Tetley Tea, Yorkshire Tea, Typhoo and Twining’s. Whether you prefer a healthy Green Tea, a Breakfast Tea to help you wake up in the morning, or simply a brand you remember growing up with – we provide you with the opportunity to try them all.

Caffeine and tea

However, when trying to find the perfect brand, people often have the questions: What is the taste difference? How much caffeine is in this cup?

You may want more in the morning, but not too much late in the evening. Of course, this can range from the type of tea you drink; to the exact way you brew it.

Fortunately, we have searched the Internet and composed a small chart to provide you with rough guidelines on caffeine per cup:

Tea Brand






40-50mg caffeine

0.4% caffeine- 4mg


60mg caffeine

0.2% caffeine, 2mg


40-50mg caffeine

0.2% caffeine, 2mg


23-110mg caffeine

0.2% caffeine, 2mg


20-40mg caffeine

2.5% caffeine, 2.5mg

If you are looking for as little caffeine as possible we suggest exploring our decaf range: with PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea, Twining’s and Typhoo all offering decaf alternatives to your usual favourite!

Cold Infusions

Perhaps you don’t want your typical decaf or regular tea? Maybe in the sunny weather you want your tea without the heat? Then explore the Tetley Cold Infusions selection! With three fresh fruity flavours to choose from: Orange and Peach, Mint, Lemon and Cucumber or Raspberry and Cranberry. Created to be prepared with cold water to give your usual drink a nice revitalizing taste! If you’ve ever left your tea for too long then you’ll know the disappointment of finding a perfect brew gone cold. Just avoid this altogether and have a nice chilled cup to start with!

Get the homely feeling of an English Tea Shop and pick up a box today! Whether you’re just missing the brands you know and love, you want your own High Tea experience or you simply want to try something new - A full range can be found on our website. Pick it up from one of our stores or let it get delivered straight to your door!

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